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how we bring joy

Santa's Helpers Foundation is dedicated to our mission to relieve poverty while bringing joy to children.  Read more about our Holiday Donation Program below.

the joy making process

The Holiday Donation Program hand delivers donations of food, clothing, and gifts to children before their particular celebrated holiday.  Santa's Helpers Foundation does not discriminate and we donate to all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender.  Our work is to give back to our communities and we strive to serve the less fortunate.  We find joy in what we do and want to spread that joy to others.


Low-income families first need to submit a request for a donation through our website, located HERE.  Parents/Guardians are then vetted to ensure our resources are used for the most at-risk populations.  Upon approval, families are given a Toy Donation Wish List, which gathers the specific likes and interests of each child. 


Santa's Helpers Foundation uses the information provided on the Toy Donation Wish List to secure food, clothing, and gifts that align with the child's interests.  As advocates of youth literacy and youth physical fitness, we ensure that each child is provided a reading level appropriate book and physical activity toy that are relevant to their likes.


Upon approval, families will be contacted to set up delivery.  Gifts are secured for each child and wrapped with care.  We organize and store all the gifts until they are delivered, but requests for pick-ups can be arranged.

toys delivered

Before the family's respective celebrated holiday, our volunteer Santa's Helpers will hand deliver the gifts to each family.

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