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Nice list program

Welcome to our Nice List Program!

At Santa's Helpers Foundation, we believe in the power of kindness to brighten someone's day and create a ripple effect of positivity in our community.  That's why we've launched our Nice List Program, a special initiative designed to recognize and reward citizens who perform random acts of kindness.

How does it work?  Our team of Santa Helpers is deployed throughout the community, keeping an eye out for acts of kindness, big and small.  When they witness a random act of kindness in action, whether it's holding the door open for a stranger, helping someone carry groceries, or simply offering a kind word, our Santa's Helpers spring into action.

Each person performing of a random act of kindness will receive a special "thank you" card from our Santa's Helpers, acknowledging their thoughtful gesture and spreading a little extra cheer.  The card explains why they've been chosen for recognition and encourages them to continue their goodwill efforts, inspiring others to do the same.

But that's not all - our thank you cards also direct recipients to visit our website and complete a brief survey.  This allows us to measure the impact of our Nice List Program, tracking the number of acts of kindness observed, the positive outcomes generated, and the overall impact on our community.

So, if you're the recipient of a thank you card for spreading kindness, know that your actions are making a difference.  Together, we can create a community where kindness reigns supreme and everyone feels valued and appreciated.


Join us on the Nice List and let's spread kindness one act at a time!

Random act of kindness.jpg

helper recognizes a r.a.k.

Our Santa's Helpers are on the lookout for acts of kindness happening in our community. Whether it's a simple gesture like helping a neighbor carry groceries or a larger act of generosity, our Helpers are trained to spot these moments of kindness and take note.

Handing a person a holiday thank you card.jpg

helper gives recognition

When a Santa's Helper witnesses a random act of kindness in action, they spring into action themselves! They approach the individual who performed the act and present them with a special "thank you" card, acknowledging their thoughtfulness and spreading a little extra cheer.

Goodwill spreading around the world.jpg

recipient continues goodwill

Upon receiving the thank you card, the recipient is encouraged to continue their acts of kindness and spread positivity throughout the community. The card serves as a reminder of the impact that small acts of kindness can have and encourages the recipient to pay it forward, inspiring others to do the same.

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